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Daniel asks…

How many times should i eat the soup when doing the cabbage soup diet?

how many times should i eat the soup per day, i need to lose weight pretty fast, so should i only eat it once a day?

admin answers:

Cabbage soup is primarily a carbohydrate and by eating only that with no fat, you are simply starving yourself. The problem is that when you get your calories from carbs and not fat, you cause a hormone to be produced in your adipose tissue that slows your metabolism down. Our bodies are very smart and know that when you are starving, you need to preserve the fat in your body for energy, so you will actually slow your rate of weight loss. Anyone can starve themselves to death, use so called “will power” to overcome the body’s natural desire to eat, and lose weight, but it is simply NOT healthy.

If you want to truly loose a lot of weight fast, you can go on a lemon juice, distilled water fast and lose lots of weight fast. That is actually more healthy than giving your body very little nutrition and starving. Fasting state is different than starving state. The real issue their is that toxins will be leaving your body and if your elimination organs are not in good shape, you can harm yourself.

The very best weight loss and the most healthy is to eat good fats and get your calories from fat. Fat is where the body gets it’s sustained energy and keeps you from getting hungry. A good example is to eat a couple handfuls of cashews with good air dried sea salt on them when you feel hungry and make sure you are drinking lots of good water. Many people get hungry feeling when they are dehydrated. All these low fat diets people are doing are damaging their bodies greatly and they will pay the price with bad health as a result.

Get this book and read it to better understand the role of fat in the diet: “Eat Fat Lose Weight” by Anne Louise Gittleman or “Life Without Bread” by Christian Allan, Ph.D.

Good luck to you

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