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Daniel asks…

Can there be viruses and/or malware “inside” someone’s Facebook account?

My nephew (neat kid, only 13) has an account and started sending people this Acai Diet “news article” claiming amazing weight loss. I smelled a fish, did some research and found the diet and the news article are a Scam! So I call my brother to tell his son to quit propagating this Scam and turns out, he’s not sending the messages. Proof is that most of them are during the day when he’s in camp and not on his PC. Yet, his FB account keeps sending these out.

So, the Question is: Can a FB account send messages by itself?? Can a FB account get a virus like this?? If so, how can we eradicate it?


admin answers:

An fb can’tsend messages by itself, tell your nephew to delete the account and restart as someone has hacked it or know his password

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