Apple Vinegar Weight Loss Diet

Helen asks…

How did i do on my 1200 calorie diet, rate me, 10 points?

Okay so i’m on a 1200 calorie diet for 2 weeks and five days, so here’s my day…
Breakfast: Bowl of rice kripies and semi skimmed milk 200 calories
Lunch: Four salt and vinegar jack a jack jumbo rice cakes and one green apple 200 calories
Dinner: Jacket potato and beans cucumber and yellow pepper 500 calories
Snacks: Apple and orange 200 calories
Details: 131lbs, 15 years old, 5,3 and female
Please answer all three questions!!!!!! :
1.) rate me of of 10
2.) how much weight do you think i will lose in 2 weeks and 5 days
3.) will out of the two weeks and 5 days will only two days off affect my weight loss?
Thankyou!! :) x

admin answers:

1. Cannot rate you as there is no picture
2. Every 3500 calories is one pound of weight what did you eat before this so we can determine how much you cut from your diet? But assuming that you cut 1500 off per day times 19 days = 28500 divided by 3500 calories to lose one pound you could lose around 7 to 8.5 lbs
3. Unless you are exercising strenuously two days off will affect your weight loss.

Any weight loss plan without regular exercise will no be permanent

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