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Maria asks…

DOGS…….Cushing`s Disease?

I adopted a lil dog June 19th, 2009. I just felt so sorry for the lil girl. I picked her up from the vet they use on June 22nd. They said she was a poodle mix.She looks like she is poodle & cocker spaniel. The animal shelter told me she was approx. 3-4 yrs, the vet told me 8-9. I have no idea, I just felt so bad for the lil mutt. I couldn`t let them put her to sleep. She was sent to the vet to be spayed, When I picked her up he said she probably has cushing`s disease. (he wasn`t a very sympathetic vet) I have been reading about cushings. But, I would like to know if anyone knows if she could give this disease to my other animals??. I really, really do want to know if she can give this to my other pets. Should I have her eat out of her own bowl ??(which I already am) PLEASE, any info: would truly be appreciated. When I got her, she a spot on her back with no hair, they said, because she was allergic to fleas. Things that make you go hhmmmm, aren`t all dogs allergic or aggated by fleas?The last vet told me it was hot spots. I have spent over $300.00 on this lil girl. She is precious. She looks like she has been treated very bad. When I brought her home, she was afraid of us. Now, she comes right to us & is so lovable. What I have read about Cushings, she does have hair loss, her lil belly was big, it is going down now, I have been feeding her Beniful (healthy weight) 2 times a day. She acts like she has never ate in her life. After she eats, she sounds like she is going to choke. At night she has coughing fits.She seems like she has trouble breathing, also she has a runny nose, not just runny, there is snot, like a human, I have never seen this in a dog, this just started happening yesterday, I called the vet, who spayed her yesterday & he said to wait until I brought her to have her stitches taken out, he has me so upset *&^%^% .. I`m just clueless, I feel so sad for her. I took her to another vet, my vet that I always use is on vacation… anyway this vetm he didn`t do ANYTHING, except, tell me it was hotspots. He had me so upset.After that , I went to our local coop & there was a woman there who grooms dogs. She told me to buy (Tea Tree -ADE) for her back.Was this a good idea??? I have been keeping her very clean, she cannot have a good bath until her stitches are out, I gave her a bath at the shelter the day I adopted her, she was filthy, I wanted her to be clean before her surgery. I have been bathing her with Aloe Vista, cleansing foam, (bathe & cleanse) from the hospital, where I was a patient. She loves it, I use warm water and a soft wash cloth, it also says on the bottle, perineal cleanser, body wash, shampoo. I also bought her frontline. I trimmed all of her access hair out of her ears, cut all of the knotty hair off, trimmed her lil mustache & beard. She is just so precious.
All I can ask, anyone who loves animals like I do, please send me any info: you can. I will appreciate you sooo much.
God Bless You & Yours.

p.s. I really don`t know what else to say, I am at a loss here, I want her to live her last yrs. happy.I don`t want her to be put to sleep. But, if she is in pain, what should I do?? Also, really & truly, please, please let me know if she can give this disease to my other animals, I have had 1 of my dogs for 15 yrs. She is my biggest baby. I cannot have any children, I have lost many, I just cannot carry them. So my animals are all I have. I can`t believe anyone could be so mean to a little definsive dog. I`m getting ready to cry, so I better sign off.
Thank you for any help.

admin answers:

Hiya Maggie,
Wow, I could have written this *exact* same question 8 years ago. We also adopted a pathetic, matted, poodle mix in terrible condition when she was 5. She was also diagnosed with Cushing’s, after YEARS of trying to figure out what was wrong with her. I’ve also had many miscarriages, I can’t carry to full term either, so my dogs are my babies as well. Like I said, I could have written this entire post myself!

If you’d like to email me privately, I can tell you about Mandy and the things we found out. It is too much to write here.

Bless you for taking in this poor lil’ creature.

And NO, your other pets can’t get Cushing’s from her.

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