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Lisa asks…

How do you convince your bf that plastic surgery won’t change anything?

I told my boyfriend when a little before I started college that once I graduated my present to myself would be a total plastic make-over of sorts. I worked my booty off through college (getting knocked up 1/2 way through too) and right now I’m 23 got my masters in chem and am making MEGA money.

When I got with my bf I was 60lbs overweight and after the baby I managed to finally shed it off. But lets just say my boobs didn’t survive the weight loss and breast feefing and now sag like a cows utters. My breasts like the other things I want to fix, never really got me down b/c I kept telling myself that once I graduated I’d earned myself getting a little work done.

Well I’m done and have been done for a few months (I already saved up $25k) and still pay the rent etc… I’ve already had my consultations with the dr and now my bf is PISSED. He thinks I’m going to spend my money foolishly but I’ve wanted this stuff done for YEARS. I want to look as perfect as I can b/c I went my whole life being the ugly fat girl and losing weight and feeling pretty is something i want to do for ME. I want my breasts lifted and bigger, a nice ghetto booty, smaller more elegant nose and lips a bit fuller.

So far I’ve only fixed up my skin with cellulite removal, microdermabrasions, laser hair removal and my bf definately didn’t mind that. He thinks the hottest celebrity around is Kim Kardashian for f*cks sake! How much more plastic can you get?! Her body and face are the posterchild for plastic surgery (THAT AIN’T NATURAL)

I’ve already planned out what I want and it will be pricy but I think I deserve it. How do I get him to stop freaking out!? I’ve been with him for almost 10 years and have a kid! It’s not like I’m trying to attract guys (i have too many clingy annoying men in my life I do not need another). Its for me and I suppose kind of for him to look at OBVIOUSLY.

I think what is also a factor is that he makes min wage and I earn what he earns in a full day in one hr. He thinks blowing 25k on the way you look is a waste, but hes living comfy on my money so I don’t know why he is crying.

How do you convince your bf that plastic surgery won’t change anything, or that you DO deserve it, or even though its pricey you are PAYING for it. I really dont understand why he is so upset when I told him yrs ago!

admin answers:

Disregard everyting that the previous respondent said. What an idiot! Preganancy and weight loss do things to your body that no one can truly understand who hasn’t gone through it themselves. When you were fatter and didn’t have children, it may have been easy to be confident as your skin ‘fitted’ you. Your breasts were probably the right size and shape for the rest of your body and although you were bigger, at least the skin didn’t hang off you and your breasts didn’t look like a baseball in a sock!
Now that your body has gone through these changes, it can give your confidence and body image a hell of a knock. My wife went through something similar and I did the whole ‘don’t waste your money, darling, I love you just the way you are’.
She went ahead with the surgery as I could see how unhappy she was, and now she looks and feels great! Our relationship is better, our sex life is better, and we are happier overall. Not because she now looks great to ME, but because she looks great to HERSELF.
As long as you know the risks, then I say GO FOR IT! Just be aware that any further pregnancies can put you back to square one…!

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