Best Foods To Lose Weight As A Vegan

Paul asks…

What are the best foods to eat if i want to lose weight ( im a vegetarian ) =]?

im a vegetarian ( dont eat any kind of animal including fish ) i still eat dairy products and eggs though as im not a vegan!
since being in a relationship for 3 years i had put on alot of weight and now that he has split up with me i have put on even more so now i really want to lose it all and get back into shape like i use to be years ago .. no matter what i do though i dont seem to be able to lose it!
Have u got any tips of what i should eat that would help me lose the weight ( keeping in mind that im a veggie )
thanx =]
i want to lose weight because i have put on so much!!!

admin answers:

Try to limit carbs, keep eating a lot of veggies! Try eating yogurt or some dairy product low in calories a lot, the calcium is supposed to be good for you especaially when your trying to lose weight. Make sure you still get a variety to maintain proper nutrition, also, you need to make sure you are doing cardio a lot and muscle building excersises( muscle loss is inevitable during weight loss so make sure you build it back) hope this helps!

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