Best Method To Lose Weight With Running

Lisa asks…

What methods are best for gaining strength and slimming down?

I’ve been going to the gym for a year and a half and I’m used to going to the gym regularly, though I’ve been slacking recently.

I want to gain some strength and lose some extra fat that I have. I’m not fat, but I’d like to be more toned. I’m not interested in getting a big bodybuilder body, so what kind of a routine would be good for me?

I heard doing higher reps with lighter weights better suits what I’m looking for, but I’ve also heard it doesn’t matter and it’s better to do heavier weights with lower reps since it helps boost your metabolism and burns more fat in the long run.
….. that’s not much of an answer. You could say that to someone else and that person could be eating a Big Mac 3 times a day for all we know.

admin answers:

Try resistance training its worked out pretty good for me i had the same problem. Your diet plays a big part also make you are eating correctly.
Check out this guys website his 16 week workout plans that have helped a lot of people.


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