Best Way To Lose Weight Fast For Women

Jenny asks…

What’s the best way to obtain a healthier weight and appearance?

I’m a young woman who is chubby at the weight of about 150 lbs and a height of 5′ 4″. I wasn’t a chubby child but I also wasn’t ‘blessed’ with that fast metabolism to eat whatever I want and maintain a thin look of any kind. On the contrary, it seems that I eat little and yet my weight fluctuates a lot with that.
I’d like to lose around 30 lbs when it comes to quantity but realise that the numbers aren’t everything. Mostly I want to slim down physically in a healthy way and then maintain a healthy lifestyle. I don’t work out regularly anymore (I used to run every night for a while although that didn’t last long and I didn’t record whether or not it affected my weight) and I don’t watch what I eat, although I am self aware and know I don’t eat terribly unhealthy. I am a vegetarian and health conscious as far as avoiding certain foods (fried, oily/greasy, fast food, unnecessary starch/carbohydrates… etc), and I don’t eat large portions or a lot every day.

What kind of workout will help me achieve more of a slim body shape? I’m willing to commit to a workout regimen every day for the rest of my life and have yet to because I don’t know where to start and require some guidance.

Who can help advise me in the kind of workout and/or diet I should be entertaining to help achieve and maintain my shape goal?

If I’m going to get a gym membership, which gyms do you recommend or how can I know which one I should go to? I’m a little self conscious obviously haha and worried about people judging me because I won’t know what I’m doing and I’ll probably look like it.

Thank you very much for all of your help.

admin answers:

You probably know more about what kind of foods does what to your body than me, but I will do my best to help.

In the gym I go to, most people who looks overweight does exercises on the jogging machine and the cycling machine. I am guessing that is to burn body fat but I don’t know how much or how long you have to do that in order to see physical change in your body.

I don’t know if this is healthy but it could help if you choose to only eat when you hear your stomach growl(I think that’s the word). If you feel hungry and don’t hear your stomach growling you are not truly hungry. It’s just your brain thinking I want to eat more which is causing that hungry feeling. So you could try doing this, eating healthy meals when you hear the growling stomach. I’m not saying never eat unless you hear the growl. So eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you are going to get a gym membership I would recommend Gold’s Gym. I personally have never done anything there but if I lived near where one is I would definitely become a member. Everything you can imagine for getting fit is there including guides/plans for workouts and diets. Only down side might be that becoming a member is expensive. I know a friend that goes there and for him it’s over $100 per month. There might be cheaper plans though, not entirely sure.

Anyways I tried my best, hope any of it helps.

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