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Donna asks…

How to help someone lose weight?

A few of my very close loved ones are overweight, and I want to encourage them to lose weight and introduce healthier foods and eating habits into their diet. I’m not at all motivated to do this for cosmetic reasons, rather because their weight is actually becoming a medical issue, and I’m concerned for their health.
One of these people is an older man who hasn’t had the best eating habits for pretty much his whole life. The other is a teenage girl who has had a history of yo-yo dieting and very negative body image.
I need tips on how to do this in a loving, yet effective way. I’m so scared for them!
PS I don’t want to only help them lose weight. Mostly, I want to help them eat healthier and exercise, and keep that up for life! I expect weight loss would come easily if I just helped them with this, and, with the focus more on health and less on weight, they’d be more apt to take action. I don’t know though – maybe? Please help! Thanks!
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admin answers:

Spammers…. A lot of people fall for it, so that’s why it’s so popular here.

Anyway offer your help. If they accept, once there out of food take them to the store and show them what is healthy and not, go online and look for healthier recipes. Offer to go and exercise with them, even if it is a small walk. Tell the risks of what their doing – anything you do can help.
If you need anymore help email me

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