Best Weight Loss Plans For College Students

Joseph asks…

What is the best weight loss advice?

I am a college student, weighing at 148 lb’s. I am average weight for a 5’7″ 18-19 year-old girl. In high school I did sports like track and soccer. I weighed 133 lb’s. Unfortunately, I experienced the dreaded freshman 15. My 6 week break is coming up and I would love to get into running again. As of now I am out of shape. I can jog at a slow 11 minute pace without stopping for 20 minutes. I am into the organic and all natural eating. I was wondering if my exercise and diet plan would be beneficial. Here it is:

Weigh myself every morning
Eat a granola bar for breakfast
Run every morning. (start with 2 miles then gradually move up to 4-5 miles)
Drink 32oz of water per day(so that retained water doesnt affect my scale number)
Eat an organic turkey sandwhich for lunch
3-4 pm Noonish eat 3/4 cup of yogurt
Dinner-have 2 pieces of tortilla bread and peanut butter

It may sound crazy but my appetite is lowered when i run in the morning so I don’t feel the need to eat the much later in the day. Anywho, I would love some advice and opinions. Thanks.

admin answers:

You need to improve your diet. It doesn’t seem to contain any fruit or veggies based on what you’ve said here. You should have a larger breakfast, as the calories you gain in the morning will be worked off throughout the day, while later food will be more likely to cause calories to stay over night and build fat. You sound the perfect weight for your age and height, and therefore you shouldn’t try and push for too much here. Your body may have already reached its healthy weight, and losing more may be bad for your health.

For more information on healthy diet and balancing foods, go here:

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