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Maria asks…

Is this alright too do?

I’m 16 years old. I’m 5 foot 10 maybe 5 foot 11. I weigh 180 pounds. According to my bmi I am overweight. I work out alot. Pretty muscular. I bench about 220. But I do have some fat on me. I have big defined arms but I have man boobs and my stomach is flabby looking. Its weird. Becuase I have a big chest and big pecs but I have fat over them. This causes me to have like big looking man boobs. Or bitch tits as we call them. So anyway. I’ve disided I want to lose weight. People have told me I’m not fat by any means and I look fine. But I want to be able to take my shirt off without getting embarressed.

So I’ve didied to lose 15 pounds. I set my calorie calculator thing to lose 2 pounds per week. That rougly translates out to 1600 calories per day for the next couple months. It’s kinda hard to do, but I am very well documented and keep a good log. Is this ok too do? I feel hungry alot. I’m just wondering if this is alright too do. I continue to lift weights. Will this effect my growth? Any opinions or suggestions would be gladly appreciated. Thanks

admin answers:

If you continue to lift weights you’re going to get down to that in no time. However be aware you’re probably going to lose some muscle.

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