Calories To Lose Weight Women

Steven asks…

How many calories can a women lose if she weights 218?..if she runs?

I’m running to lose weight and a 5k at the end of august
last time i checked I’m 5,7

admin answers:

Well, i cannot give you the most accurate answer as i don’t know your height. So this should help.


Know how many calories your body burns per day. Having less than that or working out to fix those extra calories you’ve consumed will surely lead to weight loss.

For instance, if your body can burn 2000 calories per day, all you need to do is eat a 700 calories less or work out (you run, so that’s okay) to burn 700 calories or do both in fixed amounts to get your body calorie intake per day reduced by 700 calories. This will help you lose 2 to 3 pounds a week.

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