Diet Plan To Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

Mark asks…

what would be a sure proof diet plan to help lose app. 7-10 lbs in 2 weeks?

I have tried every diet I can get my hands on, I now take diet pills, but after I stop taking them the weight comes back.

admin answers:


I have lost 5 stone over roughly a four year period of on and off dieting and the best way I found to reduce my weight quickly before my wedding was to watch the amount of fat I was consuming, I did not bother myself too much with the calorie side of things and keep to food with extremely low fat content. This work extremely well although appart from hitting the atkins diet I think that you are looking at the most to loose the 7 pound in 2-4 weeks on any diet.

All the best with it I know dieting sucks!!!


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