Diet Plans To Lose Weight For Women

Mary asks…

Losing weight for US Navy,Help?

Hey guys! I’m a 20 year old woman and I’m about to enlist in the US Navy. I need to lose around 40 pounds before i can leave for basic training..I know that’s a lot of weight,but I really need to do this.. I feel that I am drifting with no plan in life and I know for sure this will make me a better person with higher self esteem and a sense of accomplishment and pride. I was hoping that I could come on here and get some help..I have made up a diet and exercise plan and this is it..

6:00 AM – Water, Fried Egg & 1 cup of Strawberries…139

12:00 PM – Water, Cup of strawberries, Celery sticks with fat free sour cream, 1 cup of shredded lettuce, 1 slice of salami, 1 slice of American cheese, Tortilla…330

3:00 PM- Water, Nature Valley Fruit Crisps & One Green Apple…86

7:00 PM- Water, 2 cups of steamed broccoli, 2 cups of penne pasta, 1 tbsp. of butter…552

4 more glasses of water.

Total: 1,107 calories

Exercise: 1 hour run on elliptical, 50 crunches

Do you guys think that will help me lose the weight i need? Suggestions are MUCH appreciated and you will be a saint for helping me out! Thank you so much!! <3

admin answers:

One way that is healthy and quick in losing weight is going completely raw. That may sound extreme when you are used to eating cooked food. My husband and I went raw for 30 days and lost alot of weight and felt great… After an initial detox. There is alot of information out there on the web about eating a raw food diet. Hope that helps.

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