Eating To Lose Weight And Gain Lean Muscle

William asks…

How many calories and fat should I eat be eating to lose weight?

Hi there. I’m eating 5 to 6 meals a day, balanced and my intake is in the least 1800 on offday’s. I’m going to the gym about 5 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I workout, and do 20 min’s of cardio, and the days in between I just do Cardio about 30 min’s.

Is 56 grams of fat a good estimate to go by? I’m trying to gain lean muscle and cut down some extra fat? Oh, I’m female 31 years old.
Oh, I’m 5’3 and weight about 148. I’m trying to get my weight down to about 125-128?

admin answers:

The amount of calories intake is good but 1500 will be better then do more cardio not less than 45 min’s a day and 56 grams of fat is not good if you are on low fat/high carbs diet

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