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George asks…

Ok so this is kind of embarrassing but I need to know whats wrong and Im a little scared and can’t afford help?

I have had these symptoms starting approx. Nov. 7th after last day of period.
Its’ a lot so bear with me please. I have had kids, was given epidurals all 3 times combined with 1 to 3 other pain killers, taken different kinds of pills and OD a couple times, gotten cysts with ortho birth control, am in my mid 20s, smoking cigs since I was 14, been exposed to a lot of radiation ex.-tv telephone wires and energy plant next door to me for 1 1/2 years, watched food cook and stood in front of microwaves, also exposed to a lot of asbestos and lead, have a mild form of anemia that’s genetic

*70% of the day I have lower abdominal pain that varies from dull to sharp to extreme to burning to tightening feeling to pressure feeling sometimes combined but always random
*extreme weight loss and loss of appetite
*breast tenderness, some discharge, increased size
*abdominal swelling and bloating
*usual discomfort when urinating
*sometimes strong pain in abdomen (like ripping pain) while going #2 and afterwards
*hair loss for the last 1 1/2 week
*left side of body gets numb at least 4 times in a month
*spotting since last period-pink then red then brown for almost a month now
*extreme abdominal pain followed by a gush of fluid
*feeling like I have to urinate almost all the time sometimes even right after going
*feeling a pressure in abdomen making me feel like I have to go #1 and #2
*abdominal dull/burning/aching pain
*changes in bowel movements…lets just say very inconsistent
*extreme headaches and ringing in ears
*extreme lower back pain randomly through the day but starts off very strong and lasts for about 20min. happens every day
*extreme abdominal pain in different areas lasting 4 to 20 seconds-sharp or pinching feeling-feels as if muscles are tensing up followed by a feeling of pressure
*pain so strong that I shake
*lower back pain-sometimes dull sometimes felling like labor pains also feeling like I have to go to the bathroom and can last for 30 minutes
*itching or burning with some discharge last week and a half but not now
*cervical and abdominal pain and bleeding more during and after intercourse
*extreme tiredness
*some upper center back pain
*pain in lower abdomen when I try to rub it it feels like the pressure goes into my lower back
*feeling of “butterflies” in stomach at least 25 times a day
*a lot of belly gurgling
*ringing in ears and seeing stars, also becoming light headed a lot more easily
are all these symptoms related?

admin answers:

I don’t know where u live, but in california, they have clinics w dr u can see for $25, find a cheap clinic, ur condition sounds serious… Sorry n hope u feel better soon!

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