Fast To Lose Weight In One Week

Maria asks…

Lose weight in only one week?

I’m going to the beach next monday and I have to lose weight really fast.I’m not fat I’m actually normal but I have to lose some weight because I don’t feel comfortable with it.
I’m gonna focus on my arms and hips…I’m on a diet with nothing except for vegetarian soup and some yummy fruits…but that won’t make me lose weight fast enough.
And please don’t offer me juice fast because I’m 14 and can’t handle it in this situation.
Any tips?!

admin answers:

My first reaction is that you would be more successful by doing some self exploration and accepting yourself as is. Any of these fad diets are a bead idea especially for a still developing youth. A second thing, is you cannot target specific areas of your body to lose weight. It simply does not work that way. Trying to lose weight in a week is really not safe. All that being said, and I am obliged to say so, exercise is your way to go. You should not be able to hold a conversation while you are exercising. It is a good indication that your heart rate is high enough.

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