Fast Ways To Lose Weight Without Pills

Betty asks…

whats a fast way to lose pounds? even very unhealthy ways?

Can someone help me i want to lose alot of weight fast.
what do i do without doing drugs?
do i throw up after eating take pills that make you shit i was to lose atleast 15 pounds in a few weeks please heelllppp!
i know its prossible because many girls at my school lost pounds quick and they wont tell me how they did it.
Thank You.
even if its unhealthy i will do it:)

admin answers:

If you try to lose pounds in a unhealthy way you are going to kill yourself when you notice you are losing water instead of fat and it will ruin your metabolism making it harder to lose weight. Healthy diet and exercise is the way to go.
Find calorie tracking calculator – like this one
[ ]
That’s how many calories you need. Ignore the extreme fat loss limit.
Next is exercise. Use this link below
Ok, so you now got calories in check, check how many you need to lose weight. But do not go crazy on candy bars and whatnot. You should know what are good foods and which are bad.
Good = Anything natural like meats, oils, fruits, vegetables, and dairy
Bad = Anything that is manmade like cookies, cakes, anything in packaging, BUT you can still enjoy them on OCCASION.
Here’s the site to track how much each food’s calories are
[ ]

Finally make sure to eat enough calories. Say I need 2000 calories to lose weight, and I ate 2500 calories. But I burned 500 through exercise, so 2500 – 500(burned) = 2000. So I’m fine.

It won’t be loss in one day since you didn’t gain the weight in one day. Stick with this and I promise you you will see results steadily.
Good Luck

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