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Richard asks…

Weight Loss Supplements in addition to my exercise/diet routine?

I have been going consistently to the gym for about 8 months now.
Past 1 and a half months I have been taking it more seriously.
Right when I wake up I do 40 min on eliptical.
Before dinner time I go do 45 min of weights and then 25 min on eliptical. I do this 5-6 days a week.
I weight 313 pounds (was 340 lbs 7 months ago).
22 years old
72 inches tall
body fat is 33%

Yes I am on a diet; no fast food, fried food, wings, ribs, burgers, pizza, etc. And I take in ~200 grams of protein a day and eating under my daily value of carbs.
I am trying to build/tone and lose weight simulatenously.
I keep each muscle group workout 3 days off of each other

I want to know if there are any relatively SAFE weight loss supplements that could aid in the fat loss process.
I realize that losing weight 1-2 lbs a week is healthy but I need a little boost, some motivation. I am NOT looking for a long term supplement, just something to help for a couple weeks or so. I really want to get under 300 asap

admin answers:

Try Lipo-6, it gave me good results when I had a plateau

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