Foods For Weight Loss And Muscle Gain

John asks…

Weight loss and Muscle gain Question?

Is it possible to have protein shake to gain muscle mass as well as hav some weight loss pills, i wanna reduce my weight to 25 Kgs as well as tone my body with some curves and cuts..

I am ready to quit food and live on fruits and protein shake..

Will that help?

thanks, for your Answers.

admin answers:

Hey so just letting you know dont just cut the food! >< Some people just turn vegetarian and after a month or two they look like 25 pounds i think… Make sure you eat healthy and drink a lot of WATER. Dont drink sodas a lot cause its not healthy.. Drinking water increases your metabolism which good. And dont eat too little or you have no carbs to lose when you exercise. If you want muscles work out your whole body cause you cant work out only one region. So do cardio exercise. Like swimming, running, jump roping, and even situps with a twist. Oh and dont work our for liek 5 hours a day. It doesnt help. Its about consistency cause you actually only need 30mins of exercise each day so i suggest 1 or 2 hours? Or less. Eat healthy and treat yourself or you'll have temptations to eat stuff like chocolate. Haha. Meats okay too… They have proteins and yeah…oh running with weights helps and increase the intensity of your workout and hae a variety of exercises to work out everything hope this helps

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