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George asks…

need help to start eating again !!?

i have been suffering anxiety / loss of appetite and its gone on to long and i need to start eating properly again but what am trying to eat is all the wrong things that are hurting my stomach as my stomach is so small am looking for a liquid plan to help me start making my stomach grow and also for me to gain weight and get everything i need back into my body but want gluten free
@ Lauren <3 – when am very anxious having panicky time i just lose all my appetite and it went on for a while of me bein so anxious and panicky makes it worse am emetophobic (fear of vomiting) and the longer i went without food the more sickly i felt which made it harder for me to eat i am eating little bits but as my stomach is so small it hurts alot so i want to try having liquids sopus etc.. like you my periods stopped last sept and not yet back am still having bad anxiety days which i hate but its mainly all negative thinking about my phobia (if i eat it will make me sick etc..) i now have stomach problems am waiting for an ultrasound tomorrow and a camera down my throat on 22nd this month as am having burning ulcer type symptoms all because i never went docs sooner for help with my anxiety but hopefully i will start regaining my weight very soon i was 8st am now only 6st

admin answers:

Hmm you have to start eating, maybe i could tell you what happened to me when I STOPED:

based on a true story…

I lost my period (never got it back to this day, i think i could never have a kid), my hair fell out, my nails were breaking, i screwed up my metabolism, i gained weight, i was always depressed, i was weak, frail, my chest toootaly went flat (from a Cishhh to an A) i developped binge eating after that (ironic)

regardless the reason why you are starving youself, weather its purpously or not, you have to do something about it. Its so dangerous for your body and could leave you permanently damaged, like me, and im only a 14 year old kid.

Maybe you should try eating something really really light, like celery, and then yogurt, and then slowly advacne through fruits and veggies, milk, dairy, chicken then meats. Take all the time t=you need!!

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