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Lizzie asks…

College English help please!?

So i have to find a article (around 4 pages) covering about a weight debate like: TV shows promoting weight loss, weight plans, overeating, plus size models, etc.
I need to find a free database so i can find an article that covers any of these topics but i’m having trouble finding a FREE article i can read. PLEASE HELP!
I’m in highschool taking a college class through the highschool.
Well i finally found an article but thanks anyways! :)

admin answers:

Your College or University Library should provide you with access to these databases. Usually, if you go to your college’s Library Website, you should find a link for databases or scholarly journals. What college are you attending? Maybe I can help you find the website.

Additional: Well, in that case, all I can suggest is that you ask your teacher/professor/librarian for assistance in how might be able to find such information online for free, because although I could direct you to a few websites, you’ll most likely have to pay…

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