Great Ways To Lose Weight Quickly

Ruth asks…

What is the best way to lose weight quickly, but healthily?

okay, so i’m 18 and im 5 foot 1, but i’m 9 stone 13 and unhappy with that. i drink a lot of water (sometimes 3 – 4 liters a day, usually around 2 liters) exercise (i walk everywhere and used to go to the gym, haven’t had the chance because i have recently moved) and almost always start my days with breakfast cause i know it helps. i don’t overly eat a lot because after eating breakfast i am not overly hungry the rest of the day. i was 10 stone 3 until recently, but it took me about a month and a half to get down to 9s13. i just want to know if there is any quicker ways to lose weight?

any advice would be great!

admin answers:

There are two different diet options I recommend: But pick one:

1) Eat whatever you want BUT:
a) Only eat when you’re hungry
b) Stop when you are satisfied
c) Make sure the meal has at least some health property to it e.g. Protein
d) Leave at least 1/4 of food on your plate
And exercise for at least an hour everyday

2) Eat only good fats and natural sugars.
Don’t eat pasta, sugary cereals, bread or fried food.
Exercise for at least an hour everyday.

Drink green tea 5 times a day to burn an extra 80 calories a day!
Make sure you are moving around a lot and keeping yourself active.

When you do exercise make sure you are really getting your heart rate up. This is when you burn good amounts of fat.

You’ll lose weight in no time but don’t give up. Persistance is the key!

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