Green Tea To Lose Weight 2010

Donald asks…

burn 3,500 calories a day for 25 days?!?!?

Ok I’m 14, I’ll be 15 in March.
I’m 140 pounds and i look in the mirror and see a fat girl. Don’t tell me any different, I’m fat. I’m five foot 5. If i continue eating like i do I’ll be obese by the end of 2010.
Do NOT tell me its impossible to lose a pound a day, I’m thinking of running a lot and not eating anything but green tea, a raw egg, and water all day for a couple months. Do not tell me its unhealthy. I know it is, and whenever i get the weight off i will keep it off. Trust me. I want to weigh 115 pounds, I would look really pretty if i did. Whats the rush? I’m tired of being fat thats the rush.
How can I burn 3,500 calories a day? Serious answers only please. No surgery, no pills, no purging food
raw egg has the protein i need so i don’t pass out!
lol i guess it doesn’t have to be raw but haha i kinda like raw eggs.. i know gross

admin answers:

You would have to exercise a lot I would guess.

Hey good luck !!! I think you are going to lose the fat much faster than that though.

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