How To Lose Water Weight Fast In 2 Days

Laura asks…

Need to loose 5 pounds in 2 days?

I have to have a surgery in three days, and if I don’t lose 5 pounds it will be $100 more. I don’t care if its healthy, This isnt for anything long term. I know how to excersie and eat right, I have already lost weight with this method but right now i need to lose 5 pounds FAST. I just need tips to lose water weight, or any other type of artificial weight. I have already began drinking a ton of water and eating only raw veggies, no-fat dairy and unsalted peanuts for protien, since monday. considering doing a 2 day juice fast if itll help. Any good ideas?
Surgery in 2* days, not 3.

admin answers:

A liquid diet for a couple of days will not do any llasting harm. Do a couple of days of only clear fluids, which you probably have to do the day before the surgery anyway. Consume only clear juices, soup stock, jello, tea, coffee, and plenty of water for a couple of days.

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