Lose Water Weight In A Week

Carol asks…

Did I just lose water weight this week?

Today is my 5th day of dieting (when i mean “diet” i mean 10 cups of water a day, no processed sugar, lots of veggies and fruits, whole grains, and protein in every meal) and so far i’ve lost 5 pounds. is this water weight that i lost? cuz i look a lot skinnier on my stomach (it’s almost completely flat!) will i lose weight at the same pace the following weeks or is this a good week for me? i’m not obese; i’m probably about 15 pounds overweight.

admin answers:

It can be if you used to eat lots of salt and suddenly stopped or cut way back.
Also, look to what time of the month it is for you.
When I actively diet, the week after my period is super good, I am in the zone, dropping the pounds, etc. The week before is another story, either no weight lost at all or a slight gain :(.
Your weight lose will always fluctuate somewhat depending on what you ate, your activity level, etc.
I have a friend who actually gained weight the first time she tried dieting but she was working out so strenuously that the muscle she gained canceled out any fat she lost and while she looked slimmer, she weighed more. Freaked her out!

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