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Linda asks…

New diet pill on the market?

I was in El Paso, Illinois reading their local newspaper when I stumbled upon a write up (NOT an ad) for a new diet pill that is on the market. I swear I have heard it on the radio in my home town, Grand Rapids MI. Anyway, the gist was that in 100% of the clinical trials people actually did lose weight and did not change their diet or exercise AT ALL. They had actually contacted a local doctor to comment on it as well saying how remarkable this pill could be for seriously overweight and obese people. I just wanted to learn more about it, as I am in the medical field and just interested in these sorts of things. Not interested in losing weight myself, thank you, I am fine in that department – so please please no posts on the ravages of diet pills, how they do not work, or other recommendations trying to promote different products. I just really would like to know the name of this as I am sure that someone out there has this information.

Thanks all!

admin answers:

Whatever it is it probably makes your poo orange and greasy. Good times.

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