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Helen asks…

Can I do a low carb diet to lose weight while running 20 to 30 miles a week?

I have been running, eating a healthy diet and drinking lots of water for over a month now and a I havent lost a pound. I have lost weight doing low carb before but I want to have the energy to train for a half marathon at the same time. Is it healthy to do low carb and distance running together?

admin answers:

I’m going to go against the popular answer here on this one.

I was on a low-carb diet while training for a half marathon. I lost a ton of weight, smashed my personal best time, and felt fantastic.

I then went on to train for a full marathon and on the advice of the “experts” added healthy carbs back into my diet. I never felt great while training and can honestly say I had more energy while I was low-carbing it.

I have since gone on to compete in Ironman triathlons and other long distance events. I have tried it both ways. For me, low-carbing worked well and I always felt good. Ask other low-carbers for their advice on this. Those who have never tried low-carb will always slam it because it doesn’t fit their conventions.

Honestly, I think everyone is different. I know I felt great while running more than 30 miles a week on a low-carb diet. I felt my energy levels were easy to keep constant and I always performed well. Others swear by eating more carbs and that’s great for them. Give it a shot, measure your progress and decide on your own terms. Good luck!

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