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Helen asks…

Trying to lose weight, am I eating ok?

I recently have started working to lose weight. Im 5’8″, and I weighed 180, down to 168. Ive been trying to lose weight by working out daily and eating a LOT healthier. Please note im trying to lose weight, and I dont eat like this every day. But here is today:

Breakfast: 270 cals
1 cup of Diet Pepsi – 0 cals
.33 Cups of Skim Milk – 30 cals
1.5 cups of Golden Grams Cereal – 240 cals

Lunch 241
1 Rice Krispie Treat – 90
1 cup of Skim Milk – 91
1 Slice of Ham – 46
1 cup of spinach – 7
1 cup of lettuce – 8

Dinner 151
1 cup of lettuce – 8
1 cup of spinach – 7
1 slice of ham – 46
1 cup of skim milk – 91

Exercises: 611
2 hours of karate – 240 cals
20 min on Startek machine – 150 cals
10 min of Free Weight Training – 76
15 min of Cycling – 101
10 min of Walking – 34

So in the end subtracting the workout, im at 50 cals

I vary how much I eat everyday, heres a breakdown of last week:
Mon- 721 cals
Tues – 685 cals
Wedn – 2023 cals
Thurs – 1335 cals
Friday – 1335 cals
Saturday – 2283 cals
Sunday – 837 cals

Note that thurs, friday, and saturday I was celebrating my 19th birthday, so thats where a great deal of that came from. Pretty much monday (lunch and dinner), tuesday night, wednesday morning, and thursday and friday lunch i normally have a plate of salad and spinach, with one slice of ham, with a glass of skim milk. Im generally full, Ill occasionally have a snack of either 100 cals worth of popcorn or cereal. I chew gum which helps aswell, and I NEVER drink regular pop anymore. I try to work out everyday, and really need to lose weight.

Any help you can please do!

admin answers:

I’m no expert, but this here looks pretty good. You stay at a nice low calorie count, on average. Your training and exercise helps you burn. This is not bad! I’d just say, a lot of diet foods (drinks, gum, etc.) are made with aspartame so they’ll still be sweet. I’d go with a type of light juice or something with natural ingredients instead, just for health reasons(and it’s more natural). I also have a reference item that you might find helpful with getting to a great body and (continuing) eating healthy.

Hope I helped!


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