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James asks…

What is the best weight loss program for teenagers?

I am looking at losing 30 pouinds. What is a good prograam for this that can fit a school atteneding lifestyle?
Edit: I am 14 years old and in 8th grade. I currently play hockey and as far as weight goes, i am overweight by medical standards

admin answers:

Hi Keith

A good way to lose weight if you are still at school is to try and join in as many sports activities as you can manage. Football and rugby are good as you will be running around a lot and burning off a lot of calories. Swimming is also a good activity as you will be toning up your whole body.

Try and cut down on junk food and fizzy cola drinks but make sure you eat regularly well balanced meals 3 times a day (please do not try and starve yourself as this will not work and will only make you feel ill and lethargic).

Take a look at the website below, there you will find reviews of the top 5 online weight loss diets. They are all good weight loss programs, just find the one that will suit you best. There are also some weight loss videos and a free e-book.

Hope this helps.

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