Meal Plans To Lose Weight Fast For Women

William asks…

Does this sound like some type of eating disorder? What can I do to change?

Im a young woman in my 20’s, and I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune intestinal disease called ulcerative colitis. I was extremely sick for several months, lost a lot of weight (30 pounds, and I wasn’t at all overweight to start with), got sick from pretty much anything I ate. Food was not even enjoyable, although I would still fantasize about what I wished I could eat. I became very weak and malnourished and had to be hospitalized. During all this time I was very depressed and lonely. I finally pretty much recovered from it, and for a while I was being very careful to eat healthy so as not to let myself get sick again. But lately I’ve gone a little crazy…. I can’t stop thinking about food. Even when I’m not hungry, I have this compulsive urge to go eat something. I’m obsessed with eating out and I spend a lot of time looking up menus for different restaurants just so I can plan what I want to eat next time I go there. When I go, I prefer to eat alone so that I don’t have to worry about being judged on what I order or how much I eat- I can easily eat an entire large-sized meal, plus dessert and then be ready to eat again an hour or 2 later. I’m not underweight anymore, I’m also not overweight, BUT I’m worried what this might do to my health. I feel out of control. I eat in secret when I’m out running errands, I’ll go pig out on fast food. I’ve even left my house in the middle of the night just so I can go eat something. I’m actually going broke because I spend much money on food. But all I ever want to do is eat out…. It’s my main pleasure in life. Even after being a strict vegetarian for almost a year, I suddenly started wanting to eat chicken and have been eating that on occasion in secret. I feel so guilty and disgusted, but I can’t stop. I get random cravings, and I’m not happy until I gorge myself until I’m miserably stuffed. It’s almost like a rebellious feeling, except I guess im rebelling against my own body or something.

Would this classify as some kind of mental or eating disorder? Does anyone know what I can do to stop myself, or get treatment? I’m really concerned about where this might lead to and if I’ll ever be able to have control.

admin answers:

Sounds rough. Sounds like a lot of loose stools. It dosent surprise me that you want to eat a lot. You were starved for a long time and now you want to catch up. Im not a doctor but I would try to limit your food intake. You are seeking help and thats a good thing. So you are in the right track. Carry gonala bar with you. So when you get a craving, just eat one. I know how hard it is. I was medevaced out of country to germany. Hardest thing ever. I couldn’t eat for 4 days. When I got to germany all I could do was eat.

Also you were depressed because your body was inactive and that hurts you. A lot of people dont know that. So stay active!

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