Programs To Lose Weight For Teenagers

James asks…

I’m looking for programs designed to help obese teenagers lose weight?

i live in brisbane australia and im looking for programs that help teenagers lose weight….ive looked on the internet but all it can up with was a whole bunch of american fat camps…it would be great if anyone could help.


BTW…im not asking you to talk about how it is best to lose weight on your own..ive tryed that kk….please just answer my question and if you dont know any programs then dont leave a message…and i have already talked to like 50 doctors and none of them could tell me the name of one.
ok guys…im a vegetarian so i only eat vegs….and im allergic to like milk and choclate….the weight wttchers here is crappy and ive also tryed optifast and tony fergison ok…im not fat cos i eat to much im fat cos when i was little i was too small so doctores pumped me full of steroids to make me gain weight…and it worked too well…..i got to the gym and i dance….im running out of things to try and the last thing i can do is get a gastric lap band….which cost a hell of a lot of money…kk

admin answers:

I’m not sure what you call a program, and you asked some not to respond. I call what I do a “program” and it works.

I have researched most every diet pill and diet out there. None of them are good and they are all dangerous. Their point is to make you less hungry, but if you don’t eat you won’t lose weight. That’s right, you have to eat to loose; it’s a matter of what you eat and how much at one time. It is recommended that you eat small portions about 4 to 6 times a day. This keeps your metabolism higher which makes you burn calories. Eat a small amount of something when you are not hungry. Then, you won’t get hungry. Do this every 2 to 4 hours. Have some cereal or a hard boiled egg for breakfast, then a couple hours later eat half a cup of chicken salad before you are hungry, then you won’t be. Then in a few hours eat half a can of green beens or anything really. Since you won’t be hungry, this will carry you to the next few hours. Later eat an apple or drink a can of V8 juice which is loaded with vitamins and a daily supply of veggies (it’s like a salad in a can). Then for dinner have whatever you want; just not too much of it and don’t eat too late or shortly before bedtime.

An example that I do is instead of eating a whole turkey and cheese sandwich at once, I eat half now, then wait a couple hours and eat the other half. It really makes a difference. It takes the brain 20 minutes to realize you have eaten something. If you train yourself to hold back, your brain will catch up. In 20 minutes, your brain will know you ate half a sandwich and will be content. It does take will power so cut the sandwich in half and put the other half away before you start on the first half. Eat that half and forget about food. If a few minutes you won’t even think about it.

Low carb diets do not work unless you are willing to do that forever; but you need some carbs to keep your metabolism going. Once you go off of that type of diet, you will gain everything you lost. Do not drink regular sodas. You see people eating a hamburger and French fries and drinking a diet soda. Well it looks funny, but at least they are not compounding the problem with the 40 carbs in each can. Diet drinks have no carbs because they don’t contain the forbidden “high fructose corn syrup” that you should stay away from at all costs. It is really glucose which is processed sugar; the worst thing you could ever ingest.

Stay light on rice, pasta and potatoes. They are all very high in carbs and potatoes contain high sugar levels also. Sugar of any kind turn into fat calories. Carbs are good, calories are good but NOT in large amounts. Pay attention to the fiber content on what you eat; that is a good thing and you can subtract any fiber grams from the carb grams. 14g carbs that have 2g of fiber is 12g of net carbs.

Do not add salt to your food. There is more than you need in the food you already eat. It will cause you to retain weight. You will find in a week or two you won’t miss it and when you get used to not using it, if you put just a few grains on your food it will taste like seawater. Salt is a seasoning that for the most part our parents introduced us to. It is not a supplement and not something you were born to like. You were conditioned to like it, just like people who drink coffee or smoke cigarettes. They weren’t born to like those things, they were introduced to them and got used to it.

Eating multiple times a day in small portions (without salt) is not a diet and it does not deprive you of things you like to eat. You don’t get hungry so you don’t overeat and you keep your metabolism at a high level so you will lose weight.

Most diet pills contain caffeine or other stimulants. It would not be good for you to become addicted to these. Others have agents that “balloon” in your stomach so you won’t be so hungry. If you go that route, you won’t get the natural nutrition you need. Vitamins are a good source of supplemental nourishment, but never take before meals. Vitamins should come from food first; supplements after that is healthy.

Drink lots of water even if you aren’t thirsty. You’ll be eating when you aren’t hungry also. In this combination you will be giving yourself all that you need, while losing weight at the same time. You don’t have to drown yourself, but if you pass a water fountain, take a drink and keep a bottle of water with you. Bottled water is expensive so just refill your bottle from the tap or your fridge or a water fountain. Bottled water is no more healthy than tap water and in fact you need some of the minerals in tap water.

Lastly, the thing most of us hate; exercise. If you hate it like I do, then just walk around the block or take a bike ride or do 5 crunches during a TV commercial. You don’t have to do push-ups or exhaust yourself, but it will help just to be a little more active. You will lose weight just on your new way of eating (not dieting), but every step you take will only “add” to your loss.

I hope this helps and good luck to you.

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