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Linda asks…

Question about weight?

I’m 15 years old…
5 ft 1
and I weigh 85-87 pounds…

I’ve always been super skinny and my metabolism is very fast.
I eat a healthy diet… and I don’t have any eating disorders or anything b/c I LOVE food…;P
I have anxiety which causes a loss of appetite sometimes, and my therapist is making it worse by not helping with the anxiety nd making me worry about an eating disorder or something nd it works up my nerves.
But my main problem is I want to gain at least 5-7 pounds to at least shoot me over 90lbs…but the thing is…no matter what I eat..the weight doesn’t stay on except for an ounce or two…
is there any good way to gain weight nd keep it on?

admin answers:

Weight is controlled by a really simple rule:

* Eat less calories then you burn – Lose weight
* Eat the same amount of calories that you burn – Stay the same weight
* Eat more calories then you burn – Gain weight

It’s really that simple (okay, its a bit more complicated than that, but basically that is how the body stores/loses fat).

If you’re not gaining any weight then you’re in Category No.1 – You’re eating less than you’re burning through out the day so therefore you should eat more! If you’re lucky enough to have a naturally very fast metabolism then enjoy it whilst you can (it will slow as you get older). Eat the nice things you want and don’t worry about it. If your weight doesn’t increase, then eat some more!

For example, if you’re drinking no-fat milk, switch to full-fat milk, etc.

It might also be an idea to explain to your therapist that they’re the one making you anxious about food by going on about eating disorders!

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