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Laura asks…

PLS ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS i need to lose 100 lbs its super important?

hello. i am 5’11 and i weigh 220 lbs. i need to lose 100 lbs. is it possible to do this by like, may?

my diet is:
in the morning i cup of cerial with a quater cup whole milk
for lunch an apple
for dinner a peice of chicken or fish grilled and brocolli
for dessert some kind of fruit
and a grapefruit if i get hungry as a snack
i don’t eat after 7
and i drink plenty water

the problem is i didnt gain weight because i ate bad, its that i ate a lot. i was never into fried foods or sodas, my only vice was heavy ukranian food =( now i’m paying for it. my body is disgusting. i’m only starting to come to terms with my height, i don’t slouch anymore. i want a fantastic body so i can finally feel good about myself. no one supports me with the weight loss in my family – they all say we are big boned, even though all the women were marilyn thin when they were younger.

starting tomorrow i’m going to dance for an hour every day. i will also do my stepper and what other excercises should i do? i’m really serious about this. i want this body.

thats monica bellucci. she’s my hero. do you think its possible for me to get her body?

and any advice?

admin answers:

Hey there, losing 20lbs a month is possible, but maintaining that for 5 months is going to be a mammoth task and is going to require a serious amount of dedication and hard work. I know of people who have lost more than 20lbs in a month, so i didn’t just guess that you can!

You’ll need to have a proper diet, an apple for lunch just won’t cut it, you need a lot nutirents to lose weight properly. You need to eat 5-6 small meals per day about 2-3 hours apart. By doing this it will naturally increase you metablism and help you lose weight faster. I’ve included a link in the sources section below about good foods to eat that you can refer to.

You will also need to exercise for at least 1-2 hour per day doing a mix of cardio and weights, 5 days a week. I won’t lie to you, it’ll be tough, but if you stick to a routine you will see great results.

Good luck! :-)

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