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Robert asks…

Do you have tips & advice (like best meds w/o weight gain) for treating paranoid schizophrenia?

Thanks. My son had an episode of psychosis in which he was violent & jailed. He is my heart. I want to help him cope and get the best treatment. He is currently on a low dose of risperdal and it works. he seems like himself and I am grateful. I hear sometimes meds quit working and I find that frightening. Our first signs were paranoia and some delusions in which God told him he was a special man of God & before the violence he said he understood angels and demons. I was the one attacked when he believed he was the offspring of an angel and a demon that were going to kill him.

I am so grateful to have him back and want to be armed and ready for any setback & know how to talk to him. I love and respect him so much.

Thanks for all answers. Please tell me of anything that helps you or your loved one or even stuff you learned the hard way.

I want to avoid the side affects of the antipsychotic drugs. I also have concerns that some of the drugs lose effectiveness. Did that happen to you? Are you afraid to tell people when your psychosis come back?
Thanks Joy! Good answer! I will keep this open for a few days hoping more people will share what they have learned.

admin answers:

I’m very sorry about your son. He is very fortunate to have a mum like you who loves him and will stand by him. I have illness myself and so does my son so I’ve seen it from both angles.

When he’s doing well sit down with the psychiatrist and your son and write an Advance Directive. In that your son will give instructions about what will happen if he becomes ill, who will make decisions and what extent they will go to. Maybe he would agree that you and the psych make decisions about Sectioning/Committing him and what drugs he will be expected to take and maybe where he lives. This may also include hard stuff like who restrains him and injects medication into him if he disagrees. When he’s better remind him of the agreement if he’s upset at the way he was treated.

I’m glad Risperdal/risperidone is working so well on a low dose. Some people never get any worse again so don’t worry to much about “what if” There are more to try if that fails and there are always new ones coming on the scene.

Good luck

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