The Fastest Way To Lose Weight For Women

William asks…

a little help please…..advice or something……anything?

ok so I got dumped and I turned into “that girl” the one who stays home in self pitty for months and results in gaining 15 pounds, Im not proud if it but the facts are the facts my problem now is that Im over it and Im going to a concert with a friend a few states away (should be a good trip) but I was by no means thin to begin with and now that Im 15 pounds heavier Im up to a stupid size 16 but still have no chest at all so the only way to keep myself from crying all day and wanting to jump off a bridge is to wear t-shirts to hide everything……ladies t-shirts are made for ladies who have a thin waste i however have a muffin top waste so Im wearing mens t-shirts. My friend is a tiny little size to girly-girl so you see us hanging out makes us look gay and does even more damage to my self esteem. I need help in any possible way either something to wear (plus size cloths is made for large “big boned” women with curves and a waste and a chest I have neither). Or give me your advice on fastest way to lose weight (dont care if it healthy or not) My plane leaves in a week and a half and I just want to enjoy the trip with out feeling like the fattest cow on the face of the planet. i really dont have much “good stuff” to enhance i have really bad skin and the worlds most grotesque body……i guess my hair might be half way normal
well thanks for the confidence boost lollipop!!……….Im aware of the fact that most people dont want to be me

admin answers:

Start to jog.

Jog for about 10 minutes in the morning, then 10 minutes in the evening. That is 20 minutes of jogging a day, and assuming you diet properly, you can lose quite a number of calories and pounds.

Then, to add on to the jogging regimen, you should start to do sit ups. Sit ups help alot, and doing it for 10 minutes a day would help. If 10 minutes is too much, do 5 minutes a day, then do jumping jacks for 10 minutes.

So right there, you are doing about 35 minutes of workout a day, which is more than enough (7 minutes of exercise a day is all a average person needs according to a British study).

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