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Daniel asks…

29 and got pcos diet advice please?

I am trying to lose weight, now i know the link between pcos which i was diagnosed with 2 years ago, and insulin resistance, there are days and weeks where my weight seems to go up or down a few pounds, i have also over wuite a bit of time lost a stone with the help of being on metformin i think, i was just going between probably not eating as much to eating less carbs,but not strictly.
I have not lost anymore though and need to.
After recent talk about the gilr who lost 3 stone in 3months and died, they were talking about it on tv on the bbc, and had afew different health workers on, one person said that this lady was eating too few calories. they said that a obese women is probably consuming more than 2000 calories so even if to start with she cuts down to 2000 she will still lose weight, and then assuming you cna cut down a bit more.
So they said you basically eating healthy and less is key to weight loss and also to do exercise.
Others have said if you have pcos you should be doing atkins, sorry for a day its fun afetr that no thanks, and as easy as its supposed to be, and great there are all those phases you have to do, and once you do it for a while if you don’t maintain it then you might as well not bother.
Plus i know that a basic diet sheet from a gp won’t help many, they emphasise on having healthy starches at each meal, if you did atkins you’d not be able to, plus if youe trying to cut out carbs or eatlow, you’d have to watch every little thing, apart from being able to cut out the obvious ones that are almost if not totally carbs.
I have thought about just cutting it down ,but my down fall is sweets stuff.
I’ve noticed that on packets of food, they highlight the calories,sugar.fat,and salt so these must be the most important things to watch and cut back on, and not starch. I find it hard though to eat less fat and sugar and reduce caloried i would rather do one or the other. My dietician told me to not eat anything with more than 8 grams fat or 10grams, which i’ve now read a low sugar product is considered 5grams or less per 100grams, she said that doing this would cut calories anyway.
I feel that when i eat like something starchy at each meal and like when i have cereal with milk, orjust if you eat quite bulky food my stomach is bloated the top part below my chest, but i assume this may be eating too much at once or too quickly, or maybe certain things that i eat.
I notive when i eat less wheat my stomach is better,but then i know as this is probably not a aleergy i have it will not give me many results or help much with weightloss.
So if you have any tips or advice i would be very greatful to hear it. Thanks

admin answers:

Have you tried a low GI diet I have PCOS as well and was told it is one of the best ways to eat with insulin resistance.

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