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Maria asks…

How much water do you have to drink to lose weight? weight loss tips plz!?

Hi I’m trying to lose 20-30 pounds and I here water will help lose weight….is this true? How much water should I drink and what will it do? Also, will drinking 3 cups of milk a day help? What are some other ways to lose weight? PLZ HELP!

admin answers:

Water will fill you up, but just like anything else, without exercise you won’t be seeing much results. You know what I’m doing to loose my gut? I’m just lifting weights (burning calories) but while doing so, eating healthy. Like, eat a salad before a main course or something, because of the fiber in it you’ll feel alot more full. That’s the key to loosing weight though, just eat as healthy as you can and get plenty of exercise. But, never skip any meals, like breakfest. If you only eat one meal a day and just skip everything else, your body will store the fat for energy so it will be harder. Just eat healthy, that’s my only advice. Along with exercise, and you should be good. As for the three cups of milk thing, I never heard of it. Hope this helps.

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