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Does Acai Berry extract for weight loss?

The Acai Berry comes from the CAI Palm, a species native to South America and found commonly in Belize, Brazil, and Peru. The palm grows in swamps and flood areas as a tall slender tree. Over the last five years, demand for the fruit has skyrocketed due to its health benefits. Now, Akai Palms are cultivated particularly for the purpose of berry production. The Akai berry is about an inch in circumference and resembles a grape, though smaller and less pulpy. It has one single seed at its center and a deep purple oxcart. Some varieties display a green oxcart, though this is significantly less common.

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There is no medical evidence that the supplements work, and some people not happy with the way they’re being marketed.

Acai’s popularity has surged on bogus marketing claims, said Jonny Bowden, a certified nutrition specialist and author of several health books.

“Virtually every berry — blueberry, strawberry, goji, acai — are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants,” Bowden said. “This particular one is exotic. It’s found in Brazil. It’s been marketed to have more of a magic ingredient. It’s been over-hyped and marketed to death. There are claims to curing cancer, curing baldness that is all over the place.”

Like most berries, acai has good nutritional qualities, but “there is not a drop of research” that supports marketing claims that it prevents weight gain and facial wrinkles, Bowden said.

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