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Betty asks…

Weight loss….Its Urgent…?

Hey i am on diet thez days..kindly suggest some diet-chart that can be followed (100% vegetaterian) to reduce weight soon…its bit urgent as i am gonna meet my BF’s family soon…

Below is the diet i am following alongwith skipping (almost 400) and crunches (50-60)..

Morning-A cup of coffee(sugar-free) with 1 or 2 Monaco biscuits
After an hour or two-Fruits (water-melon, papaya or 1 apple)
Afternoon-1 or 1 and a half chapati with 1 bowl vegetables and Dal, if made plus one plate salad.
Evening-1 bowl Poha or Upma
Night-Soup and salad if feeling hungry

Kindly suggest whats wrong in this as i cant c much differnce in my self….

admin answers:

Women lose weight slower than men, so if time is the case then you must be actually willing to work hard. Cut out the coffee as well as the biscuits. Cut down your calories a day and go to a certain amount depending on your height and age. Here’s a few things you can do that will help you quickly:

1) Drink LOTS of water a day, not fruit juice or any other type of liquid. Pure water is nature’s best.

2) Do cardio and burn some fat – Go jogging or cycling. Cycling can help you burn up to 700 calories an hour depending on how fast you cycle.

3) Drink green tea – Rumors are that it increases your metabolism, so just drink it once or twice a day without any sugar.

You can’t expect to lose weight just by eating less and by doing crunches for your abs. Yes, it is true that you can lose weight without eating, but it is EXTREMELY unhealthy, and once you start eating again it will mess up your system. Just edit your diet a bit, drink lots of water and do a lot of cardio in between that all. Remember to take time to rest!

PS: Sweating is good + Sauna is an even better idea. REST is good too. Try to get at least 8 hours of sleep.

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