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Mary asks…

I want to help people learn how to lose weight online. How to do this?

i’ve lost 35 pounds since January and i did it naturally and the safe way. I did not use any drugs or magic weight loss pills, but I did have to work really hard and exercise. I changed alot of my old eating habits and developed a healthy new diet.There is alot to learn about how to lose weight and it is very hard work, so i want to help other people learn how to do it online. How do i post this sort of information and it what type of ad so that people can see?

Thanks in advance

Please no rude remarks, i’m searching for a way to actually help people.
I understand that everyone is different, and have different needs. Some people have health condtions. I am not a doctor so i can’t help with everything. But i can help with basic things like depending on height and weight what a healthy wieght and bmi is . different types of exercises. How to track calories (and carbs,protien, fat, fiber)eaten, and calories burned. How to burn 1500 calories in a week. Healthy delicious recipes, ect. I would suggest any one with any health conditions to see a doctor to develope a healty plan though.

admin answers:

Have you considered starting a blog? Or just a simple website that details your success story? People like seeing a success story more than they like seeing a bunch of pills and someone’s hips shrinking animatedly to music.

I don’t know if you’re looking to turn this into a business or non-profit thing or if you’re interested in consulting, you should check your city or state’s small business bureau.

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