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Susan asks…

I need advice for weight loss with PCOS. No meds at the time.?

I went without insurance coverage for a few months, thus running out of metformin and Necon BCP. After beginning a new career that has insurance, I have made an appointment with a dr for March. What can I do, besides reduce my stress level :-), to help me lose weight especially in my tummy area until I can receive meds? HELP, PCOS ladies and docs!

admin answers:

The main cause of weight gain with PCOS is insulin resistance.

Without meds, the best way to lose weight is to follow a strict low sugar, low carb diet. Cut out all regular soft drinks and juices, most refined sugars, and simple carbs.
Eat fruits, veggies, lean meats. Eat whole grain breads. Snack as healthy as possible. I like Breyers Pure Fruit lime bars. They are low in sugar. Drink a lot of water.
Try to get some exercise, just walking is fine.
Good Luck from one PCOS chick to another.

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