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William asks…

weight loss with injection?

has anyone heard about britney losing weight with an injection. Once she got a shot somwehere she wanted to lose weight, like teh stomach, the fat would melt and shed pee it away

well my dad knows this doctor, who gives shots in order for people to lose weight .

what is this .. does anyone have more information
healtyh , unhealthy?
effect of the injection?
does it work


admin answers:

I know quite a bit about this. She went to the company that I used to work for. It’s called Lipo Dissolve or PCDC. (phosphatidylcholine deoxycholate) This does not work for everyone and results vary. The drug ‘breaks down’ and ‘dissolves’ the fat. You then waste it out. This is not for people who are pregnant or may become pregnant in the near future.
1. These injections are all natural. You will find that the drug is FDA approved but not for that procedure. The drug started being used back in the 50’s to get rid of fat around the arteries. It is only unhealthy if you are allergic to soy.
2. The price will vary from place to place and all depends on how many shots you need. $200-$10,000.
3. Side effects include swelling and pain in the injection site. Also bruising can occur.
4. The effect is minimal. Britney is a good candidate because she is thin.
5. The injections are for body sculpting and refining, not weight loss. Great for people who have had kids (like Britney) and can’t seem to get rid of a little bit of baby fat. Or people who work out but have ‘trouble areas’.

My suggestion would be to contact the doctor and get more information from him.

I would also look into ‘Smart Lipo’. It’s like lipo suction but without the surgery. Here’s a link for more information on it.


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