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Michael asks…

What are some inexpensive weight loss pills? Possibly something I could find at CVS or Walgreens?

I’m pretty insecure at the moment. I used to be physically fit, but ever since I tore my ACL in 11th grade, I have been unable to work out much. Also, I have become quite lazy & all I really have time for is school, work & sleep. I’m 5’2 and my weight fluxuates from 118-128. Right now I am probably at 122. I guess why I am stressing so much is because a friend just sent me a picture from over the weekend & I look like a sea cow. Unfortunately for me, all my fat is in my arms & legs. I have a butt like no other, too! :( Luckily, my stomach is fairly flat. I guess what I am truly asking for is to lose 25 pounds easily. Help?

admin answers:

Pills will only make you lose water weight. There are no weight loss pills out there that make you lose fat. The best way is to monitor your eating. If you eat more fruit and less junk, and try to be just a bit more active, you will slowly but sure lose fat. Most important is to stay away from fatty foods, because eating fat can only increase body fat levels.

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