Weight Loss Pills With Ephedra

Mandy asks…

Has anyone used Superdrine or other ephedra weight loss pill?

I’m looking for a pill containing ephedra that is comparable to Xenadrine RFA-1. I’ve been reading about this generic product called Superdrine that claims to have the same ingredients as Xenadrine RFA-1.
Please let me know of any weight loss pills that perform as well as Xenderine w/ephedra. These worked for me a few years ago and I’m really hoping to get the same results now.
Also, I am very aware of the risks associated with taking ephedra, so I don’t need any advice on that. I willing to take the risk for a short period of time.

This is the Superdrine site: http://www.thatswholesale.com/db69.html#ch440

Thanks in advance!
I want to reinforce the fact that I am VERY AWARE of the risks and why it was banned by the FDA. I just want to know which pills containing ephedra offer the best results.
Thanks to those who answer the question!

admin answers:

Not sure if this would help…
Haven’t tried superdrine and only tried xenadrine after they made without ephedra. Last thing i took was zantrex. Was pretty happy with that – better than the xenadrine i took, but then, like i said, that was when it was ephedra free. May want to try zantrex if u aren’t caffienne sensitive…

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