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James asks…

weight loss..im looking for a product similar to this….


this product, Xylestril, has caffeine in it and i am allergic to caffeine. if any women use any products simlar to Xylestril that does not contain caffeine id would really like to know about them. if you could provide a site where i may purchase them that would be wonderful as well. Thanks in Advance!
im not looking for products that are for weight loss only. i have already lost 40 lbs on my own with diet and excerise and im ready to take a supplement that will do what this product will do. Clearer Skin, Breast Enhancement, Weight Loss. not really so much weight loss as fat burning. but without caffeine. i just need to lose about 10-15 more lbs to have those rock hard abs i want. i just need a little boost. i feel like my body is at a standstill and maybe a small decline. Thanks.

admin answers:

Step 1) Don’t take any of that crap.

Step 2) Go work out.

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