What Can You Do To Lose Weight In Your Thighs

Betty asks…

Losing weight in my thighs/butt/lower tummy?

Basically, I can fit into a size 4 pair of jeans (even a size 2, but thats a tiny bit tight) and it fits perfectly around my legs but when it comes to my thighs, butt, and lower tummy areas, I can‘t seem to get them to fit in the waist line. I seem to be losing my weight in my legs but not the lower tummy/butt/thighs areas. I want to lose weight in my thighs/waist and lower tummy area as well as my butt so I can fit into these size 4 jeans (even though my legs fit them great).

Is there anyway to do this fast and easy with great results? I don’t want to try diet pills or anything like that, and I am a college student if this helps any. I know with the holidays and everything its tough. I gained the freshman 15 last year from being away at school and my mom buying one too many cookies between Thanksgiving and Christmas. but I’m trying everything I can to lose what I gained and maybe some more and would like some suggestions!

Thank you for your help! Time frame: By end of February
I have joined a gym and go once a week already and with school, that’s all I can do with that. I have a mild case of asthma so running sorta brings that about and its hard to keep breath sometimes. Just for future answers!

admin answers:

Strength Training. The workout I am using now is- Jorge Cruise’s 8 Minutes in the Morning. You need handweights. It has helped me lose a few inches already in one week. I fit in to a pair of jeans one size lower already. I pair this strength training workout with walking as much as possible and cutting out different unhealthy aspects of my diet at each meal.

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