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Thomas asks…

why do people turn to yahoo answers for fitness tips?

i just dont understand it, yahoo answers is mostly good to find out peoples opinions and other things like a name of a song and so on. things like questions about what someone should do to lose weight is very persistent. people ask that question over and over, the only thing they change is the description of their body. and all the answers are ALWAYS going to end up somthing along the lines of “do cardio” or”eat more meals a day”.
people, there are sites dedicated to these sorts of things and they will explain to you what you should do better than anyone here. yahoo will help you much more if you acctualy use their search engine for this. im just tired of seeing the same questions and the same answers. am i missing something? am i wrong?
btw. if your an idiot that doesent know where to turn if you dont trust search engines, then go to bodybuilding.com
sry, forgot. all the info on fitness is free. im not talking about those things where people ask you to pay for a take or guide that they will send you. there is no such thing as “inside info” like the guy in the second comment said.

admin answers:

Its because the people think they will get fit by typing questions! Its great finger exercise you know…..

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