What Do You Do To Lose Weight In A Week

Robert asks…

How do I lose a little weight in 3 weeks?

Hey guys, I am willing to do maximum an hour of excercise.
I am just a little over weight, before I used to do lots of work outs and had really nice looking abs. But than I just didn’t care and now you can barely see them. When I tense really hard you can see a little the 6 pack… I just want to lose SOME weight without much effort.
I don’t mind a diet and would love to cycle. Could you guys help me choose my diets (mainly concentrating on what not to eat since my parents and I will probably not care about the diet). I won’t be using stuff like checking calories, is eating half of everything okay for me?

I don’t really mind cycling for about an hour on a diet, I just need some tips please help!
P.S could you guys also tell me on what foods to eat that will help me grow taller (I ain’t short!) I just find it nice.

admin answers:

You should work out everyday for one hour or you wont get noticeable results in 3 weeks. Cycling is good, but try to combine that with running and aerobics (those aerobic workouts on TV work very well!) Do not eat half of everything! Doing that will be very unhealthy- you won’t get taller and won’t have enough energy to exercise. Try replacing unhealthy foods with healthy ones e.g. Whenever you feel like eating chocolate, opt for an apple. Cut down on fats rather than carbohydrates. If you think you are eating too much you could cut down very gradually. Protein is the best for growing but do not eat too much meat (will not help lose weight!) and sufficient sleep will help as its the fastest time your body grows. It’s good to see your determination- you have already done half of the work!!!
Good luck and I hope you achieve your goal!

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