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Helen asks…

Why are Koreans so skinny?

I am asking and answering this at the same time. I am Korean and I am currently in S. Korea.

Many people have theories as to why Koreans (or other Asians) are so skinny compared to Americans (or Europeans). Here are my theories:

1) Koreans and Asians eat small portions, compared to Americans. Small portions make a tremendous difference in waistline. In Japan, children are trained to eat little and be satiated. That’s why obesity is extremely low. However, Japanese on average are not very tall compared to other Asians, and especially Americans.

2) Koreans use soybean oil to fry their food. Although there is no empirical evidence that soybean oil is healthier than other types of oil, it seems that soybean oil is less fattening. Honestly, soybean oil is light. Soybean oil is used in fast food restaurants, such as McDonalds.

3) Koreans and Asians in generally are pressured to be “thin”. Being overweight, “beefy”, and even “muscular” are not desirable traits. “Thin” is the ideal beauty for both men and women (especially men). People who are overweight or slightly paunchy are told that they need to lose weight by their families, friends, etc. In America, that’s considered inappropriate and rude. In Korea (and in other Asian countries), that’s not considered rude.

4) Despite the cultural differences, both Koreans and Westerners gain weight easily when they hit mid-30s. Metabolism goes down when you reach midlife, and it gets more difficult to lose weight.

5) Not all Koreans (or Asians) are thin. There are some overweight people–mostly among the older generation who have never eaten McDonalds (or any fast food).

Feel free to agree or dispute my comments!

admin answers:

They eat less mcdonalds than americans, i guess

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